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Team Building – Connecting Together

Our Team Building Adventures actively engage participants, sparking creative energy, fostering innovation and building camaraderie. Teams can accelerate their growth by combining one of these Team Building Adventures with one of our training workshops. Our Team Building Adventures can be customized to fit your groups needs, whether you're looking for a light-hearted team building program or a meaningful team development experience.

Lakshya Greenwoods offers 3, 5 and 7 night packages, few resort activities like Paint  ball, water sports, ATV etc,. are generally not included in the package, they will be available at additional price. A typical 5 night package follows as below;

Day 1.  A welcome package at Lakshya Resort and team building events will start in the afternoon.

Day 2. Team building activities will continue

Day 3. Tour starts at 9 AM by our Recreation Vehicle to explore Burra Caves, over night camping on hills

Day 4. Explore Araku Valley and return to the resort by night
Day 5. Team building activities will be concluded with a campfire and folk dance at night
Day 6. Teams will check-out at 10 AM.


Few Team building activities follows below, the games can be packages as required by customers;

Pursuit (A half day or full day program): Teams are given backpacks with supplies, and strategize how to acquire the greatest number of points for completing mental and physical challenges. Imagine being able to tap into the abilities and talents of every team member while practicing and applying team process skills. Teams of approximately 12 are given backpacks with supplies, and strategize how to acquire the greatest number of points for completing a series of challenges.

Illuminating problem-solving, innovation, shared leadership, communication skills, team planning and time management, Pursuit is a timed event, but it’s not a race—we keep the competition “friendly.”  Performance-oriented groups, sales professionals and product development teams are particularly well-suited to this high-energy, multi-tasking program. Action-oriented by design, Pursuit can be built to fit your team’s targeted growth areas, and can be held almost anywhere your group decides to meet:

Ø       Participants experience camaraderie as a result of successfully solving problems together.

Ø       The combination of sophisticated physical, intellectual and creative challenges offers something for everyone.

Ø       Participants are required to make both big picture decisions and to consider the details.

Ø       The quick pace of the program heightens senses and aids in learning processes.

Ø       It is highly interactive and customizable, illuminating scores of team dynamics and areas for improvement.

Ø       It engages all learning styles, and respects individual perspectives, capacities and preferences. 


Get Set...Go! - The Thinking Person's Race ( 3 ot 4 hours)

Teams of 5-6 are given backpacks with supplies, a time limit and a mission to complete. Throughout the race, each team conducts self-directed debriefs, capturing their innate wisdom about how to work together effectively, culminating in a facilitated debrief to establish a set of team guidelines that can be applied back at the workplace. Highly customized depending on the venue, your team objectives and fitness levels, no two Get Set…Go! adventures are the same.

High Ropes (3 to 4 hours):  Using harnesses, helmets, cables, ropes and wooden beams strung 20 to 50 feet high among trees or poles, teams explore risk-taking, trust and coaching. Each moment is rich with discoveries, whether you’re climbing, simply encouraging others or on belay. Participants appreciate the opportunity to interact with their teammates in a very different and powerful way. Our facilitators establish the context for each activity, monitor participant’s safety and help the team recognize valuable insights throughout the day.


The high ropes elements are up in the trees so the perceived risk is high, but actual risk is low. Participants walk across cable bridges, negotiate giant ladders or ride zip lines through the trees as they overcome personal fears and develop new self confidence.

Low Ropes (3 to 4 hours): The low ropes elements are close to the ground so the perceived risk is low, but still challenging to complete. Participants walk tightropes, negotiate obstacles, climb walls, and pass teammates through a giant spider web. Using cables, ropes and wooden beams strung among trees or poles, teams explore risk taking, leadership, communication, problem-solving and coaching during this adventure, with a focus on collaboration.

The low ropes elements are close to the ground so the perceived risk is low, but still challenging to complete. Participants walk tightropes, negotiate obstacles, climb walls,

and pass teammates through a giant web. Participants gradually expand their comfort zones (sometimes dramatically) and recognize fears that may block personal and professional achievement. Each challenge draws upon team members to actively support each other.

Build a Bridge ( half day): Teams receive instructions, design clues and building supplies, then develop a design concept and construction plan. As quickly—and creatively—as possible, they build two symmetrical halves of a bridge (remotely), join them and then share them with the team. 


Trekking (half day):  Teams of 3-4 are given maps or charts, then taught to use maps to determine the approximate location of a secret cache, within 6-20 feet, then fan out for a search. It takes deductive reasoning to determine exactly where the cache may be. 


Great Speech Teams plan their short speech using our practical and humorous handbook and some props. The program is carefully structured, with specific roles and responsibilities, so that each team’s process of developing the speech sparks new understanding about creative teamwork.

Any many more exciting games to build participants team building efforts.


                                                                                                                               Get rates or Reserve the packages through online