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Summer Camps To stimulate personalities

Fun, thrills and adventures for campers ages 6 to 17 amidst the beauty of the Eastern Ghat hills close to Visakhapatnam. Lakshya Greenwoods will be offering new exciting and educative summer camp starting from 2009 summer, we will be offering numerous exciting camp activities to choose from twice each day, including horseback riding, extensive high and low ropes challenge courses, mini golf, paint ball, basket ball, sand volley ball, billiards, musical nights, arts & crafts, sporting events, mountain biking, swimming, tennis, backpacking ,  water-skiing & wakeboarding and rafting at Andra Reservoir starting from 2010, and so much more. Lakshya Greenwoods is

more than just activities; these activities are used to help stimulate personal growth, self-confidence, build character and self-esteem, and foster new friendships and memorable experiences that last a lifetime.  

By limiting our enrollment, our counseling staff is able to focus on each individuals needs and abilities with greater attention, providing each child with a more personalized camping experience. Nestled over 120 acre resort near foot hills of Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh, just 76 miles from Visakhapatnam towards Araku Valley, Lakshya Greenwoods is a place where you can be assured that the safety and well-being of your children are constantly looked after by our caring team of staff and directors.

Activities at Lakshya Greenwoods provide a rich variety to choose from with individual instruction geared to each camper's abilities and needs. A day at Lakshya Greenwoods  is organized but not regimented. Campers can choose from over twenty activities they'd like to participate in twice each day. Weekends and evening activities are devoted to bringing the entire camp family together for fun, competitive and often zany events, which further promote the bonding that takes place at Lakshya Greenwoods, including swim meets, all-camp Lagoon-Day fests, relays, and scavenger hunts. Campfires, dances and drama productions are also frequent popular events.

Fun and adventure are used and directed to offer the opportunity to try new things, stimulate challenge, and develop and improve skills. All activities at Lakshya Greenwoods are designed to always provide fun, challenge and instruction for all participants from the novice to the more advanced.  < Click here to get rates or Online  reservations >


Activities at Lakshya Greenwoods to accelerate your kids vision and personalities;


       Arts & Crafts             
       Performing Arts                      
       Photography & Video
      Musical Instruments




      Natural/Ayurvedic Therapy




       Team Building

       Talent Show 






       RV Trips

       Ropes Course



       Paint Ball



       Water Sports



       General Sports

       Mini Golf





       Basket Ball

       Horseback Riding



       Sand Volley Ball

       Dart Board

What can your child learn at our camp?
Camp can be just as educational as school, with children learning through experience. Through activities and play, children learn a wide range of skills and develop physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. At camp, children learn by doing, living, and experiencing things for themselves. It's one thing to watch a program on television, but quite another to experience it in real

 life. At camp, children are given the choice to take risks and try new things. This voluntary nature makes children more open to new experiences, with personal satisfaction as their motivation. Not only are there opportunities to try new things, but camp offers many areas for children to excel in. At our general interest camp, the non-athlete can shine at arts and crafts, woodworking, or dramatic programs, while the athlete can also find many outlets for their skills. Perhaps most importantly, the two campers learn to live together and become friends despite their varied interests.

Enhanced Self-Esteem
Camp offers children many opportunities to become competent. Practicing both new and old skills on a regular basis, it makes sense that there will be improvement.

Novices have chances to learn, while those who are more experienced can improve. Learning new skills and improving on old ones builds self-esteem. Children become more independent and self-reliant at camp with their newfound skills

Trying New Things:  
Sending your child to camp is giving them an opportunity to try something new. No matter how many after-school programs or lessons a child takes, its likely they will never have the opportunity to try all that is offered at summer camp. In a supportive environment, the child can try at something new. The interesting twist to these activities is that, since campers often don't know anyone else at camp before they go, they are more willing to try activities that their friends at home might not expect them to. The athlete can try out for the camp play, while the artist may dabble in sports. At camp, children can try new things and set their own goals for success.

Life Skills
Though years later, your child may not remember capture the flag games or the words to a camp song, the life lessons learned at camp will remain. At camp, a child learns how to take responsibility. The child who has never before made a bed, will learn how to smooth out sheets and blankets and tidy up a cubby. Though counselors will remind and encourage, campers quickly take responsibility for personal hygiene, and for more minor health issues, a camper learns to articulate what hurts and how to get help. All of this personal responsibility further fosters a sense of independence and
learning how to reach out to strangers. At camp, children learn to get along with others, all while living together 24 hours a day, learning about courtesy, compromise, teamwork, and respect.

Hidden Benefits of Camp
The benefits of overnight camp are not limited to children, but extend to parents as well. There is relief in knowing that your child is in a safe, exciting environment for the summer. Even if child care isn't an issue, it's often hard to find suitable activities for the summer, as well as finding peers for children to interact with. Camp offers entertainment and constant peer company. For parents that have more than one child, camp can give a younger sibling a chance to shine in the older one's absence. For families where all the children go to camp, parents have a chance to do things that would not interest the children. When a child makes it clear how excited he or she to go to camp, these parental excursions are guilt free.