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Shopping at Resort or in Online

Lakshya Greenwoods will launch below given shops in online and physical shops after completion of the resort construction. Lakshya Greenwoods offers and accepts gift certificates/vouchers.

Souvenir Shop: Go on a quest to shop for a souvenir from your visit to the ultimate indoor and outdoor interactive theme park. Great logo merchandise includes resort essentials, cloths, caps, gift articles, sporting goods and many other accessories. It's "virtually" the best!

We will keep only specialized in stylish and contemporary work with unusual and exotic hand tied bouquets along with good old traditional styles. National and international delivery will be available.

Ayurvedic Shop: We offer a wide range of proven Ayurvedic formulas from several leading manufacturers, allowing you to select an Ayurvedic formula just right for your needs. Ayurvedic rasayanas are made from wildcrafted herbs, carefully processed using traditional means of extraction and processing to preserve their healing properties in the final product. Our rasayanas are 100% pure potent herbs and nothing else. Free of artificial colors, aromas and preservatives.

Organic, Agriculture & Forest produce:  As more of us are learning the benefits of buying organic foods not only for ourselves but for the environment we are beginning to look at other ways we can bring more organics into our life. Every time something can be grown organically is a win for the environment, the growers, wildlife and us.

Nature touches our life everyday from the products we eat or drink to those we use on our skin, our clothing, and many other items all around us. More and more we are finding many of these items available organically. 

We do support local framers to grow vegetables, dairy items and other agriculture/horticultural products. We will collect forest produce from local tribes to market them in wholesale and retail for a very reasonable price to benefit local people.

      Ayurvedic Medicines

      Ayurvedic cook books

      Herbal products

      Food suppliments


      Spa Items

      Audio and video material

      Ayurvedic literature

      Yoga products