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Security Next Generation Gadgets for Your Safety

The property is fully enclosed with barbed fencing wire all around it, with large part will be covered by galvanized iron sheet. All sorts of precautions will be taken for the security of the property and the guests. We will install fire extinguishing equipments wherever it is necessary and the property will be under supervision of security guards on round 24 hours a day throughout the year. Well trained security professionals will be hired from professional companies, and the place will be very well secured with total commitment and courteous behavior.

Resort operators have a heightened duty of care with respect to those who stay at their establishments. As such, they are required to provide and maintain necessary security measures to ensure that those staying with them are protected against the possibility of assault or injury from a third person. When those establishments fail to exercise due care and someone is assaulted and injured, that person may have a potential legal claim against the innkeeper.

Resort compound: A barbed wire fences remain the standard fencing technology to define the property boundaries. The wire is aligned under tension between heavy, braced, fence posts and then held at the correct height by being attached to wooden posts and battens, or steel posts. The gaps between the posts vary depending on terrain normally we will maintain 9 feet between the polls around the property.

Lots and plantations: Farm lots and plantations in the lots will be very secured with electrified lamps besides the roads.  24/7 security will keep monitoring the lots and the plantations.

Security at Cottages: All cottages will be connected via intercom facilities and upon request we can provide additional security measures if needed. Yes, a cottage is just a house scaled down, and home security systems are the same as cottage security systems. However, it is a house that is often in an isolated area where there are few full-time residents. That means criminals do have an opportunity to get in and do what they want long before anyone can respond to an alarm. That time delay emboldens many burglars. It isn't uncommon for burglars to set fire to a house or cottage after ransacking it. They may be attempting to cover up their actions or they may not be satisfied with just stealing something. Their criminal intent may go beyond stealing a microwave or TV you've left there during the week, or over the winter when you hardly visit at all. We will protect your cottage with several security systems like motion detectors through vibrant/laser/ultrasonic sound, bungler alarms etc.

Electronic surveillance:  Modern wireless security systems have no cumbersome wiring, which means the wires can't be pulled out accidentally or have nails hammered through them which can set the alarm off or disable the system. Wireless systems are more mobile and can be positioned more flexibly within a room or anywhere on a property. Lakshya resort will be installed wireless electronic surveillance systems on key roads, activity areas, kids parks and wherever it is necessary.  A security control room will be monitored by well trained and experience professionals.

Walkie-Talkies (A portable two way radio systems):  Two Way Radio communications serves business and public safety across the resort. A two-way radio system will be installed and licensed from appropriate local authorities to keep the facility well connected, to provide immediate help wherever it is necessary help through our staff. Walkie-talkies will be very helpful during activities like hiking, paintball, during thrilling ATV rides and communication between staff and security personnel.