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Exotic Resort Packages

Resorts activities are so extensive and varied you could easily occupy your entire vacation and it will keep up your spirits through health resort. But there is much to do at resort and in surroundings virgin forests, caves with ancient artifacts, exotic plants and valleys -- there is so much to explore! Take a look at our packages to see what adventures or health packages await you! 

Please note that a professionally trained staff will accompany in every activity. Food and couple of activities and club house facilities are included in our packages. Lakshya Greenwoods offers great health packages, attractions and entertainment opportunities as given below;

      Health resort packages

      Summer Camps

      Adventure packages

      Corporate/Team building events

      Get rates or Reserve the packages through online  

Summer Camp: Admissions for pre kindergarten seats in India at some places begin for children as young as 2 to 3 years. Unfortunately on an average, 40-45 per cent of the kids are having stress syndrome in India.   Exam fever

and stressful education system drove several students to end their lives. While few others made abortive attempts and others ran away from house after failing to accelerate in their studies.  In todays world several Kids are loosing their self-esteem due to our stressful education system. The psychologists always recommend parents to encourage their kids in 360 degrees development rather than focusing only on studies. Average college going kids in western world is always less than Asian countries, but they are fore runners in innovations and in entrepreneurial skills than Asian students.  

A unique summer camp was offered for the first time in Andhra by Lakshya Greenwoods to boost your kids confidence and self-esteem.  You can view their daily schedule, diet and completed activities in online.       

Click here for more details about summer camp

Health Resort - Rejuvenation Packages (For 3, 5, 7, 14, 21, 30 & 41 days)

These packages are recommended for persons who are in good health. It primarily aims at toning up of body tissues and to reduce the catabolic destructive process. Thereby it helps to arrest the aging, enhances immunity and revitalises the body systems. It helps to regain the total positive health or homeostasis in nature's own way by restoring the physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium for general well being. Click to get more details about Ayurvedic treatments.

Exclusive treatment packages: These treatment programs are formulated to give you maximum comfort in minimum time. These packages mainly aim at specific ailments and normally consist of external and internal administration of herbal medicines, yogic and breathing exercises, and dietary regime for dietary control for proper living. The main ailments of focus are:- 

      General & local neurological complaints

      Rheumatic problems

      Muscular dystrophies

      Stress & Ubsomnia

      Upper & Lower respiratory allergies


      Post traumatic problems etc. 

Click here for more details about Health Packages

Corporate/Team building Adventures: Want to make your next team building activity or team building exercise live up to its true potential? Integrate the team building with real-time work goals. Establish a systematic workplace integration and follow-up process - before you go on the team building adventure. You need to make the good feelings and the outcomes from the team building activity last beyond the final team building exercise.

Without this attention to integration, corporate/college team building or planning events are, at best, a short term boost to employee/student enthusiasm and positive morale. If they are planned and executed well, people feel good about themselves and about each other. Participants get to know each other better and have a common experience to talk about back at work or in college.

A frequent expectation from team building activities is that they build trust. Team

building events have little to do with building trust, however, unless company planning, that is carefully followed up on and yields real results, is part of the team building or retreat.

Click here for more details about corporate/team building packages