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      A destination to relax from stress and a pleasant atmosphere with pollution free zone.

      46 miles from Visakhapatnam Airport

      09 miles of scenic country side BT ghat road

      15 miles to Burra Caves from the resort

      28 miles to Araku Valley from resort 

      Around 120 acres of land in Phase 1 

      Another 100 acres of land in phase 2 (with water sports/motors)

      Ayurvedic health/therapy center in the resort

      On-site Camping, Trekking, mountain biking, ATVs, cycling, camp fire, cultural events and other adventure sports will be provided in the resort.

      Recreation Vehicle/Motor Home trips to Burra Caves and Araku Valley

      Potential to generate revenue from farm lands (cottages)*

      Time share marketing of the cottages

      Swimming pool *

      Skates, Lawn Tennis, Basket ball, Rocket Ball, Mini Golf and Sand volley ball courts to keep up your spirits.

      In house games like billiards, table tennis, caramboard etc.

      Tie up with A.P Tourism department and other time share resorts  to market and increase visitors

      A dedicated marketing team to promote the resort to the corporate world and educational institutions for group bookings.

      Land was already surrounded by Eucalyptus tress

      Tie ups with other resort franchises.

      Well connected internal roads.

      In-house staff to keep the facility clean and green.

      Provision for electricity and underground drainage system

      An exiting club house to keep up the entertainment  and physical fitness.

      1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 Sq. Yards of farm land with plantations

      Free maintenance for two years

      Free accommodation for lot owners around 3 weeks per year for free of cost for three years, there after there will be 50% less than the market price to utilize clubhouse and health resort.

      Entire lay out will be secured with 8 feet fencing with special designed equipent to avoid snakes in the property

      Gated entry with arch and directions will be provided from S.Kota on Visakhapatnam to Araku main road.

      Round the clock security

      Clear title and spot registration

      Water treatment plant for drinking water*

      Water recycling plant & rain water harvesting for plants

      Excellent growth on invested plants and revenue generation from cottages

      The proposed Vizianagaram to Aruku main road is going through the resort. Construction is in progress and expected to complete the road in a year or two.

      Availability of cell phone network, Cable Network and Internet* in the farm.

      We will facilitate loans for the farm and to build the cottages.

      Tax deductions on the farm house loan can be obtained for NRIs.

      Interested parties can club two or more plots as one big lot and we will maintain cottoges that are built in 1/2 acre lot.

      40m wide Entrance Gate to the resort

      Entrance Gate & Guardhouse: 24-hour Multi-layered Security

      Sub Community Gated Entries

      Commercial Stalls  & Landscaped Parks with Benches and Fountains

      Rain Water Harvesting  & Grand Community Clubhouse

      Centre of Astromusic: Music Therapy

      Power Distribution System and Street Lighting

      24 hour Power Backup

      Centralized Water System with German Technology

      Sewage Treatment Plant & Underground Drainage System

      Fire Protection System

      Jogging Pathways  & Sub-Community Parks

      Forest Area  & more than 25,000 Trees along the Pathway

      80 teak wood plants, and 30 other fruit plants like Mango, Guva, Sapota, Amla, Orange etc. You can use the produce for domestic purpose.

      Grand Community Clubhouse & Multi-Function Rooms

      Gym, Yoga & Mediation Centre 

      Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pool  and Outdoor Tennis Courts

      Basketball Court  & Table Tennis

      Horse Riding  & Squash

      Picnic & Barbecue Area

      Chemist Shop & Clinic

      Library  & Playground

      Tele medicinal (Ayurvedic/Natural Therapy) help

Better Investment Opportunity by Holding Farm Lots in the Resort