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A Unique Health Resort to Recuperate Completely

Lakshya Greenwoods Health Resort is rich with tradition, culture and overwhelming natural splendor. Traditionally styled cottages, built in wood and sporting antique, carved doors and pillars, each building is a unique piece of architecture. The health resort will be managed by one of the most prominent resorts situated in Kerala, they bring their expertise and experienced manpower to manage the facility.

Currently the resort is under construction, Health packages will be offered from 2009 summer and we are working on tie ups with several organizations including international bodies to attract local and foreign visitors. 


Lakshya Greenwoods Health Resort is a distinctive Ayurveda Centre focalizing in a wide-range of treatments for varying periods of time under the strict supervision of some of the best physicians. We do consider all aspects of health - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, before deciding on any particular treatment for our valued customers. Lakshya Greenwoods Health Resort, our qualified Ayurvedic therapists help determine your body type before recommending the appropriate massage and oils that would

be best suited to your health and body requirements. By making use of the finest quality Ayurvedic oils and herbs, our therapies are prescribed to refresh the mind, detoxify the body and restore the natural balance of the energies within, leaving you entirely rejuvenated. To restore balance, specific recommendations are also made in the diet, lifestyle, herbs and treatments.

The basic therapeutic approach is, 'that alone is the right treatment which makes for health and he alone is the best doctor who frees one from disease'. This sums up the principal objectives of Ayurveda, i.e. maintenance and promotion of health, prevention of disease and cure of sickness. Treatment of the disease consists in avoiding causative factors responsible for disequilibria of the body matrix or of any of its constituent parts through the use of Panchkarma procedures, medicines, suitable diet, activity and regimen for restoring the balance and strengthening the body mechanisms to prevent or minimize future occurrence of the disease. 

Enumerated below are some of the treatment procedures and treatment modules will be adopted at the Health Center.     

Neutralizing or Detoxification - to neutralize or nullify the bad effects of toxins and impurities of the system.  The toxins / free radicals produced by the constant metabolic activities in the body damage the body cells resulting in wear and tear of the body, which is nothing but aging. The process of aging is accelerated by improper life-style, food habits and prolonged stress and strain. The programs that are offered under this package are aimed at restoring the vigor and vitality of the body by eliminating the toxins and by enhancing the body's immunity through their anti - oxidant & prophylactic properties. The package includes the various Rejuvenation therapies, such as Kayaseka, Sirodhara, Abyanga, Synchronised Massage, Medicated Steambath, Njavarakizhi, etc. Based on the constitution and requirements of the individual, the physician may advise a combination of Panchakarma along with other rejuvenation therapies. Panchakarma administered before rejuvenation treatments detoxifies and clears all the channels in the body, makes them more receptive to the Rejuvenative / Rasayana medicines administered thereafter.

Cleansing or Elimination - to expel the provoked Vata, Kapha (Doshas) by suitable Pancha Karma Procedures. 

Weight Control - specific herbal medication and diet are prescribed following a special time schedule of treatment.

Augmenting of the Body resistance to Illness - rejuvenating non-toxic medicaments are prescribed to be taken daily for a stipulated number of days

Yoga - Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and Bhavana (Meditation) are taught by competent teachers.

Depression According to Ayurveda there are two main causes for depression- (1) Imbalance in the three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, (2) Lack of awareness of one's deeper, inner Self. Most of the depression conditions are of kapha imbalance. Initially the brain's electrochemistry has an erratic overreaction (vata imbalance), which triggers a loss of enzymatic activity in the metabolism (pitta imbalance). Kapha responds by trying to glue everything down, bringing about heaviness, darkness, and stagnation that the mind-body interprets as the negative message of hopelessness and depression. Sometimes depression is a pitta disorder. Allergies and the breakdown in metabolic processes they lead to can also disturb brain chemistry. This can cause dramatic mood swings, with depression as one of the consequences. Vata imbalance also can cause depression.

Anti-Aging or Beauty Therapy - Beauty is more than skin deep according to Ayurveda. It is the most obvious external manifestation of your overall well being. It is a mirror to your physical, mental and spiritual wellness. Caring and maintaining the beauty that one is born with was one of the first body care initiatives undertaken by civilized humans. We still do. At Ayurveda Gram we help you take the initiative in this regard with traditional herbal treatments like medicated Lepam, localized Abyangam and other classical mode of beauty enhancements. Experience the time-tested procedures, which are tailored to modern day requirements, lift you to a new high.

Specific Medicament - specific medication which are non-toxic and time tested are prescribed by competent Doctors for minor and uncomplicated disorders.  The diseases treated at Lakshya Resort are listed below;


      Arthritis , Rheumatic Arthritis, Osteoarthritis

      Bronchial Diseases

      Skin Diseases

      Paraplegia , Hetraplegia

      Facial Paralysis


      Sinusitis & Migraine


      Slip Disk and Spondylitis and many more.

Click here for more details about health packages offered at our resort


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