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Ayuveda An ancient Indian science of healing

Ayurvedic Massage is trusted for over 3000 years as a safe and effective method to attain total rejuvenation and relief from chronic aches and pains. Ayurvedic Massage recharges the body, reactivates the mind, recoups youthful vigour and vitality, builds resistance to diseases and improves complexion.

Ayurvedic Massage offers lasting relief from chronic aches and pains like backache, joint pains, stiff neck, migraine and rheumatic pains. Visitors undergoing the massage is laid on a wooden "Thoni" while herbal oils are applied by the Masseur. Trained masseurs conduct the massage under the supervision of expert Ayurvedic physicians.Medicines are home made at our manufacturing facility with a tradition of excellence spanning over several decades.

"Lakshya Health Resort" will be managed one of the largest & most respected corporate houses in Southern  India  with  a with several years of  service in Ayurvedic system of Health care

Rheumatic pains are relieved for a  sustained  period  by Ayurvedic  Massage.

      Modern medicine prescribes non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs  with potentially fatal after-effects for  rheumatic pains. These drugs offer a very transient relief.

       Backache and stiff-neck are relieved for a long period by Ayurvedic Massage.

      Migraine which has no effective remedy in modern medicine is relieved for a sustained period by `Dhara' or pouring herbal oils on the forehead in a continuous stream.

      "Psoriasis" a skin ailment of  auto immune status  is relieved by Ayurvedic Therapy.

      The Massage is done  under supervision of Eminent  Physicians and trained masseurs.

The basic principle of Ayurveda is that illness can be prevented if balance in body, mind and spirit is maintained. A combination of three principal energies, or Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) determines what type of body you have and impacts on your physical and mental wellbeing.
Curious to know more? There are a variety of books on the subject will be at our gift shop. Of course, one of our qualified ayuvedic doctors will be the best guide in your journeys into wellness.

You may want to pick one of the larger cottages in the resort.  These have separate living rooms, and a restful,  semi-private vista, complete with a little garden bench all one's own. The bathrooms, though, are reassuringly modern. Running hot water comes from our own solar panels, and in most rooms, you can soak away the rigours of a jungle trek in a luxurious bathtub.

Name of  procedure

Actual process


Relative benefit

 (General  Body Massage)

Luke warm herbal oil is  applied on the body and gently massaged.

Tones up muscles,  improves blood

Offers a much better feeling of rejuvenation when compared  to other massages.

(Medicated Steam Bath)

Steam bath in a chamber filled with herb enriched  steam

Opens up skin pores, flushes out accumulated dirt and dust. Reduces subcutaneous fat.

Powerful and complete cleansing of skin when compared to any other cleansing procedure

(General Rejuvenation Therapy)

Special process of massage with herbal oils followed  by bath in herb enriched steam

Cleanses the skin, tones up muscles, improves blood  circulation.

Offers a very remarkable feeling of rejuvenation and  well being.

(Therapeutic whole body herbal oil massage)

Luke warm herbal oils are applied all over the body  by gentle massage

Offers sustained relief from the rheumatism,  arthritis, paralytic states, sexual weakness

When compared to the modern medical approach using  extremely dangerous anti inflammatory drugs that lead to serious  after effects like skin sensitisation, kindney failure, Pizhichil is  a much better alternative.

(Applying special warm herbal rice  preparation by boluses on the body)

Sweating the body by applying comfortably warm  formulations. "Kizhi" for formulation is made of special rice and herbs.

Controls BP and cholesterol without internal medication.

The chemical control of
BP and dietary control of cholesterol has serious after effects on a long term basis. This procedure controls BP and cholesterol with no internal medication.

(Sweating by applying leaves and herbal steam)

Body is made to perspire profusely by applying herb and leaves enriched steam.

The procedure cleanses skin pores and smoothens  circulation

There is no equivalent  procedure in modern  medicine

(Body massage with speical herbal powders)

Gentle body massage with herbal powders.

Relieves hemiplegias, paralytic states.

There is no procedure of comparable efficacy in the allopathic system.

(Nasal application of herbal oils and juices)

Herbal juices and oils are administered as nasal  drops

Effective for migraines, headaches and some psychological disorders.

There is no therapy of sustained effect for migraine  and most of the psychological disorders in modern medicines.

(Therapy by retaining medicated oil on the head)

A cap made of palm shearing is placed on the head.  Lukewarm medicated oils are poured into the cap and retained for sometime.

Effective for severe headaches and some paralytic  condition.

Only very dangerous chemical oriented therapy is available in modern medicines.

(Applying selected medicated oil by special process on the body

Medicated oil is applied by a unique massaging process

Controls obesity, effective therapy for diabetic gangrene

There is no alternative of comparable efficacy in modern medicine

We offer you an opportunity to get an introduction and practical training to the secret and sacred ancient science of Yoga & Meditation. Regular practice of this system results in your increased health and well being. It helps to develop your personality and self-confidence, banish stress and tension and helps to awaken mental and spiritual potentials.

1. Disciplined behaviour (yama)

2. Self purification (niyama)

3. Bodily postures such as the lotus position (asana)

4. Control of breathing (pranayama)

5. Control of the senses (pratyahara)

6. Fixing of the mind on a chosen object (dharana)

7. Meditation (dhyana) and

8. Samadhi - a state of being where you experience absolute tranquility and well being.


Under the guidance of eminent Ayurvedic scholars we organise introductory sessions on various topics. We hope that this will help you to understand the principles and practice of the system in a better manner. Let us join hands in this green health revolution.

Get rates or Reserve the packages through online