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Cottages - Just Chill and Relax

The essence of log/cottage home living – whether you call it an adventure or a return to nature – is an intensely personal experience. In a log home, you feel at one with the tranquility of the world around you. You experience a unique living environment with all the comfort and convenience of modern amenities. Blending the log cabin’s charm with the luxury and appointments of a new home is easy with Lakshya Greenwoods. Lot owner needs to give a contractual agreement to Lakshya Greenwoods to build the cottages, if they want Lakshya Resort to maintain or rent their cottages.  Lakshya Greenwoods resort is keeping some reserves a side to build cottages, Lakshya resort will facilitate/provide loans to the lot owners on first come first serve basis.

Pull up a chair. Put your feet up. Don't answer the phone. Imagine the sounds of traffic slowly yielding to the sounds surrounding the cabin.   A warm breeze sweeps through the towering eucalyptus, bushes, trees and a breath of fresh air.

Lakshya management team has identified below given models as their preferred models to maintain uniqueness of the resort. If you want to maintain the cottage on your own and don’t want to associate with the resort you can start with your own ideas and plans. Our consultants will work with you to find the ideal solution every step of the way, bringing your dreams to life. You’ll develop a floor plan, select a wood type, and decide on the best profile and joinery options to bring it all together.

Type A  - One Bedroom with out loft


Number of Bedrooms:     1

Number of Bathrooms:   1.0

Width of House:               25 feet

Depth of House:               26 feet

Total Living Area:            689 sq. ft.

Architectural Style:          Log Cabin

Roof Framing:                 Stick

Primary Roof Pitch:         2:12

Roof Peak from Front Door Floor Level: 25 feet


  1. Type A – Standard one bedroom cottage with out loft
  2. Type B – Deluxe one bedroom cottage with loft
  3. Type C – Standard two bedrooms cottage
  4. Type D – Deluxe two bedrooms cottage
  5. Type E – Deluxe three bedroom cottage

Type B Details – One Bedroom with Loft

Number of Bedrooms:       1
Number of Bathrooms:     1.0
Width of House:                24 feet
Depth of House:                30 feet
First Floor:                         720 sq. ft.
Second Floor:                    320 sq. ft.
Total Living Area:             1040 sq. ft.
1st Floor Plateline:            8'0
Architectural Style:           Log Cabin 
Exterior Finish:                 Siding
Exterior Wall Structure:   Other studs
Roof Framing:                  Stick
Primary Roof Pitch:          2:12
Roof Peak from Front Door Floor Level: 24 feet

Type C – Standard Two Bedrooms Cottage

Number of Bedrooms:        2
Number of Bathrooms:      2.0
Width of House:                  40 feet
Depth of House:                   27 feet
First Floor:                           864 sq. ft.
Second Floor:                       352 sq. ft.
Total Living Area:                1216 sq. ft
1st Floor Plateline:               8'0
Architectural Style:              Log Cabin
Exterior Finish:                    Other
Exterior Wall Structure:      Other studs
Roof Framing:                     Stick
Primary Roof Pitch:            12:12
Roof Load:                           30 p.s.f.
Roof Peak from Front Door Floor Level: 28 feet

Type D – Deluxe Two Bedrooms Cottage 

Number of Bedrooms:          2
Number of Bathrooms:        2.5
Width of House:                    40 feet
Depth of House:                    40 feet
First Floor:                             1059 sq. ft.
Second Floor:                        390 sq. ft.
Total Living Area:                 1449 sq.ft.

1st Floor Plateline:                8'0
Architectural Style:               Log Cabin
Exterior Finish:                     Other
Exterior Wall Structure:       Other studs
Roof Framing:                      Stick
Primary Roof Pitch:             12:12
Roof Load:                             30 p.s.f.
Roof Peak from Front Door Floor Level: 29 feet

Type E – Deluxe Three Bedrooms Cottage  Upper Floor

Number of Bedrooms:          3
Number of Bathrooms:        2.0
Width of House:                    35 feet
Depth of House:                    39 feet
First Floor:                            775 sq. ft.
Second Floor:                        347 sq. ft.
Total Living Area:                 1122 sq.ft.

1st Floor Plateline:                8'0
Architectural Style:               Log Cabin
Exterior Finish:                     Other
Exterior Wall Structure:       Other studs
Roof Framing:                      Stick
Primary Roof Pitch:              12:12
Roof Load:                             30 p.s.f.
Roof Peak from Front Door Floor Level: 29 feet

The living  area does not include Garage, Covered Porch, Deck, Patio, Storage square footage, Etc.